The Moonwalkers Autograph Signed Limited Edition

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The Moonwalkers Autograph Signed Art Print - authentic hand signed autographs of eleven of the twelve men ever to have set foot on the surface of the moon on a limited edition art print by Ron Lewis. The print was originally produced in 1986 in a limited edition signed and numbered by the artist (this is 573/1000). They were then individually signed by the Moonwalkers with this print being signed by Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad (deceased), Alan Bean, Alan Shepard (deceased), Ed Mitchell, Jim Irwin (deceased), Dave Scott, Charlie Duke, John Young, Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt. Very few were signed by the eleven Moonwalkers NONE were signed by Neil Armstrong

The artr print measures a huge 25 x 31 inches and is on acid free, heavy stock art paper. There are a couple of minor indentations to the print but tiny on consideration that it was handed around to be signed by the Moonwalkers over a period of years

A magnificent piece of very real investment value


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